May 6 - May 19, 2019

Welcome to the 3rd Annual NCW EcoChallenge

The NCW EcoChallenge is a community-wide competition for Chelan and Douglas county residents only.

Participants challenge themselves to try new, environmentally-friendly behaviors for two weeks. You choose the behaviors you want to commit to doing (from dozens of options) and report your progress online daily. In addition to learning how to reduce your carbon footprint, you have a chance to win valuable individual prizes and cash for the nonprofit agency* of your choice!

How it Works

First, register. You can create your own team, join an existing team, or participate as an individual (AKA, join the “community team”).

Next, choose your challenges.

Ready, set, go!

Registering For A Team

The NCW EcoChallenge is both an individual and team competition. Individuals can earn prizes (see the list of prizes in the dropdown menu) and teams compete to earn cash for the local nonprofit agency* of their choice. HOW YOU REGISTER IS IMPORTANT—it will determine which nonprofit agency* you are competing for!

*A 501c3 charitable organization, or public agency, church or school in Chelan or Douglas County. All organizations must be approved by the Community Foundation of NCW.

Why Do The NCW EcoChallenge?

We believe the solution to the planet’s biggest challenges lies in the power of individual choices and our collective action.

Sometimes global problems seem too overwhelming for our daily lives. The NCW EcoChallenge gives you ideas for actions you can take RIGHT NOW to address these problems -- as individuals and as a community.

The NCW EcoChallenge is brought to you by:

Sustainable Wenatchee, a non-profit with the mission to promote a culture of environmental stewardship and social sustainability in the Wenatchee valley by inspiring and educating community members to live more sustainable lives.

What can ONE PERSON do about climate change?

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