May 13 - May 26, 2017

Small Actions Add Up to Real Change!

During the NCW EcoChallenge we challenge you to change a habit that benefits you, your community and the planet. You choose your challenges, then earn points for completing them, connecting with your community and sharing your story. Your points will add up to demonstrate your impact, and help your team win the NCW EcoChallenge 2017 competition.

Participants can select up to 8 “daily actions” and up to 8 “one-time actions”. The more actions you complete, the more points you earn!

Forget to take action one day? Don’t worry, you can still earn points if you go online and record the fact you DIDN’T complete any actions. Going online EVERY DAY will earn you points!

Forgot to go online one day? Don’t worry, you can go online and record yesterday’s actions! (You can only go back one day, so don’t forget to go online every day!)

Here’s an idea of how you can earn points during the challenge.

Points Table

Action Points Description  
Joining A Team 10 Welcome to the Challenge! Joining an existing team will earn you 10 points.  
Create Your Own Team 25 Take the lead! Team Captains receive 25 points when they create a new Team.  
Post A Profile Picture 5 Personalize your profile and share your game face with other participants! Add a profile picture to receive 5 points.  
Check In On Current Day 5 Stay on track! You'll receive 5 bonus points for reporting your progress on the day you complete the action.  
Complete One Daily Action 10 Log your success and add to our collective impact! You’ll receive 10 points for every day that you tell us you completed at least one daily action.  
Completing One-Time Actions 10 or More Check one off the list! Complete a one-time action and you'll earn 10 or more points (amount varies depending on the intensity of the actions).  
Post To Your Feed 1 Celebrate your success and inspire other participants! You’ll receive 1 points for posting to your feed each day. You’re welcome to to post as many times per day as you wish, but you’ll only receive 1 points per day for posting.  
Recruit a New Team 25 Help us engage new people to take action! Teams are key to our success. You'll receive 25 points for inviting a new team to participate in the Challenge.  
Recruit Participants 10 Engage your friends, family, coworkers and community in the Challenge! You'll receive 10 points for every person you invite who joins an existing team.  
Recruit Teammates 10 Help your team grow to new heights, and win competitions! You'll receive 10 points for every person you invite who joins your team.  
Complete Your Profile 5 Looking for some more points? Earn extra points for completing your profile by filling out the optional demographics questions. This info is never shared, and only used to help us understand who's participating in the Challenge.  
Join the Climate Conversations NCW Facebook Group! 5 The CCNCW mission is to increase public dialogue and awareness of climate change through education, advocacy and activism at the local, state and federal level.  
Credit Someone For A Referral 1 Say thanks - and earn some points! You'll receive 1 points during registration for crediting the person who referred you to the Challenge.