May 6 - May 19, 2019

Grace City Cares for Creation Feed

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  • Jacqueline Suzelis 5/15/2019 11:08 PM
    Remembered to bring my travel mug today and got a coffee without the usual disposable cup! Also took along my glass water bottle.  Little victory!

  • Luke Boyce 5/15/2019 5:19 AM
    Each day you post how your challenge is going you receive a point too!! Did you know that?!? Let’s hear how each of you are doing. Message me if you have questions on how to go back a day or two, how to change your dashboard/check list of actions. 

  • Luke Boyce 5/15/2019 5:13 AM
    Logging in each day gives you a point! You can go back a select things you’ve done and things you do on a normal bases already. Let’s go team! 

  • Luke Boyce 5/12/2019 9:51 PM
    It’s been great! I’m glad I can change my dashboard with different ways to make a difference. I find it much easier to stay on track during the week. I get off the normal schedule on weekends and get “lazy” or off track with other tasks to do.  Let’s rally for a great week ahead though! 

  • Beverly Patrick 5/10/2019 9:29 AM
    I’m walking every day working on increasing my steps to 12000 daily

  • Luke Boyce 5/09/2019 12:19 PM
    I’ve definitely been more mindful of what I do! Some of these are very simple. I’ve not idled my Jeep at the ATM, not exhilarated when I drive, taken shorter showers and not used paper plates or styrofoam cups. Many Mariann and I have been doing already...watering lawn in the morning only, meal planning and mindfully setting our thermostat 2 deg higher temp (AC) then we really want to. 

  • Jacqueline Suzelis 5/08/2019 9:49 PM
    Went up saddle rock, way up to where the swing was and ran a new route down! It was the most gorgeous discovery!

  • Jacqueline Suzelis 5/06/2019 7:18 PM
    First day! I knew I was going to be busy so I took it easy with challenge stuff today. I bought edible plants to landscape with but they came in plastic pots!?!? Boo! 

  • Jacqueline Suzelis 4/26/2019 1:52 PM
    I want to do this challenge because sometimes I think I’m pretty sustainable but I want to challenge myself and be more aware of what my family and I can do!